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Who we help

The LMW team of researchers and coaches serve high risk and high stress populations to help them develop skills to maneuver through life’s daily stressors and perform to their greatest potential. The program is ideal for 11-25 year olds, however we can all benefit from learning these skills. 


The LMW progam is an evidence based integrated life skills model. The program entails teaching/learning 7 core competencies that build upon each other to enhance one's overall mental wellness. The core competencies are as follows: Brain Science, Goal Setting, Time Management, Coping, Communication, Leadership, and Problem Solving.  Participants will experience an engaging, experiential, reflective process during the program and enhance their performance in all areas of one's life.


LMW seeks to assist and guide

  • College students

  • Student athletes

  • Student artists

  • Educators

  • Artists

  • Executives & corporate leaders

  • Medical & health professionals

  • Engineering professions

  • Health professions

  • Business professions 

  • Professional athletes

  • Professional artists

  • Fire fighters

  • Airline pilots

  • Police officers

  • Military personnel

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